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Million $ idea...

Some guy is on David Letterman right now trying to explain "string theory". Don't ask me why. Jessica Alba was on just before him promoting her new movie "Sin City". That seemed a lot more in context. I think the dude wrote a book and is trying to sell it to more than just science geeks.

Anyway, one of the aspects of string theory is apparently the claim that there is a smaller component to matter than quarks, which make up protons & electrons, which in turn make atoms, etc. Those smaller components are called "strings".

So, my idea is to stake my claim to the particle that is smaller than "strings". I hereby patent the "blip". Sure, I haven't discoved the blip particle, yet. Nobody has. But, surely it is only a matter of time. I mean, a few hundred years ago people thought the world was just made up of earth, wind, and fire (not the band) and water. Now, we keep discovering new levels of smallness in the universe. Therefore, I am officially announcing my ownership of the idea of the "blip" particle and I'll just sit back while some dude in a labcoat discovers it and I'll wait for my dollars to roll in!

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