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That sucks...

I received my letter from Notre Dame today saying that I was denied admittance to their grad program in Early Christian Studies. I was rather sad at first, but I was surprised how quickly I got over it. I mean, I still feel kind of crappy--as anyone does when they're rejected. But, I don't feel the consuming disappointment that I thought I would. I don't know why that is.

Sometimes, I get mad at people who try to cheer me or others up after bad news with the reminder that God is sovereign and He works all things for the good of His people. (In reality, I've been guilty in the past of using this tactic. But, I try not to do it anymore.) It is really infuriating when people do that because, I already know it. People in pain don't need the advice or "wisdom" of others, they just need comfort. Reminding people about God's sovereignty is often a not-so-subtle way of actually telling them that they shouldn't feel bad. But that's rubbish! Consider: when Jesus approached the tomb of His friend Lazarus who had recently died, He knew full well (more than any of us) the reality of God's sovereignty. Yet, His response was to weep. There is nothing wrong, unspiritual, or unfaithful about feeling sad in response to disappointment or the brokenness of the world.

All that said, I do thank God that He is helping me in this time to accept this sucky news without severe heartache. And, if it does hit me later, I will still know that He is sovereign and working all things for my good.

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