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Top 5...

Well, yesterday I missed my first day of posting since starting this blog. It had to happen sooner or later. And, it will happen again--sooner than later.

I swear I'm not stealing the idea for this post from the movie "High Fidelity". But, I did resonate with John Cusack's character in that movie because I too love making lists. So, from now on Saturday is going to be the day to offer my Top 5 lists on various topics. My entries will take into account both "objective" quality and my personal preference. I hope they create some enthusiastic discussion.

This week: Top 5 "sports movies"
1. The Natural
2. Rocky
3. Hoosiers
4. Remember the Titans
5. Bull Durham

Honorable mention (in no particular order): Field of Dreams, Rocky IV, The Sandlot, The Program, Raging Bull

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