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Getting in shape...

Well, I've finally taken the plunge to try to get back into shape. I guess there have been a few times in the last couple of years when I've tried to get in shape. But, it's never stuck. I tried the cereal diet, a modified Atkin's diet, and we joined the YMCA. I think I lost a couple of pounds each time, but eventually I gave up and gained them back.
My latest effort includes the "raw diet". Wonder what that is? Well, I can only eat raw foods. Essentially, its a vegan diet minus the cooking. Some of you may know that my wife is a vegetarian (though not a vegan) and she joined me on the diet for a while but gave it up. She doesn't need to lose any weight anyway, she just wants to start exercising again. In its strictest form, I could never make it either. So, what I decided to do is begin very strictly in order to clean out my system and then slowly add some cooked food (like pasta) and even some meat. But, hopefully over several months I will be able to reestablish a sensible diet and cut out a lot of the super-processed food.
I'm also giving up on "working out". We're going to quit our membership at the Y because we never go and we're just wasting money. I think I've decided that artificial workouts don't agree with me. And, while I may want to pick up weight training again in the future, I'm going to focus on natural exercise. Basically, I'm just going to get active again. My favorite sports to play (that are accessible) are golf, Frisbee golf, and tennis--so I'm going to start playing them. And, I already have.
In the first week, I've lost about 7 pounds. I'm guessing that it was an initial burst after my body was shocked by once again moving about and being fed real food. So, the real test will be over the next few weeks when I average only small weight losses, or even gains if I should happen to regain some muscle. But, this time I'm actually motivated by the process and not just the goal. I'm excited to play sports and be active again; I was never excited to go swing my legs on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. Oh, I might start running again too. I was a distance runner in high school and while I was never elite, I was quite good (personal bests 4:54 mile, 10:28 2-mile). The idea of hitting the pavement day after day isn't that appealing to me, but I always enjoyed road races. So, I might look ahead on the calendar for one to train for.
Well, I think it's quite certain this is my most uninteresting post ever. Sorry.


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I'm back!

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On the road...

Well folks, I'll be out of town for the next week. Suzanne and I are driving to Utah to visit her grandma and some other family--about 1400 miles in our luxurious Hyundai. I love road trips; Suzanne--not so much. Fortunately, her parents are right at the half-way mark in Nebraska and we're dropping off our dogs with them while we're in Utah. The dogs love staying at their grandparents because they have a fenced-in backyard to run around in without being tied up.

The last week has been insanely busy, which is why I haven't posted much. Suzanne and I both graduated from graduate school on Friday. And we had a big party on Saturday with family who drove in from out of town and friends who are in town. It was a great time.

I'll report on the trip and other developments when I return. Have a great week!


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O.k., there was a lot of whining last week. Maybe this one will have a better reception.

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I'm working on organizing my links in the sidebar. I hate having them all jumbled up without rhyme or reason. (Does that reveal something about my personality?) But, it takes messing with the html code in the blog template and I'm not very advanced in working with that. Hopefully, though, I'll get it worked out soon. (Does it also reveal something about my personality that I feel the need to explain my link-organizing efforts?)

Top 5...

It's been a couple of weeks since my last list. So, here you go...

This week: Top 5 dinner main dishes

1.) Pad Thai chicken
2.) Barbeque pork ribs
3.) Filet mignon steak
4.) Chili
5.) Meatloaf


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What is with all the digits served as food toppings lately? I know the Wendy's thing turned out to be a hoax, but why are there so many missing fingers floating around in our nation's restaurants?

Sorry that so many of my posts lately have been nothing more than links. But, there's not really any commentary I can add to this story. So, if you haven't read the story yet, you should check it out.

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G.K. Chesterton...

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