boon-dog-gle: (noun) work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
free: (adjective) provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment.



Last weekend we were back at my parents' house for a visit. For the past several visits, my folks have been harrassing me to go through my 20 years of accumulated junk from when their home was my primary residence. I am something of a pack-rat; I hate to throw things away. Not because I delude myself into thinking I will need something again, but because I'm sentimental. For instance, I found a plastic bag that held the torn-in-half stubs from every movie, football game, etc., that I went to during high school. That habit died out soon after going to college, but just seeing that bag of "trash" brought back memories of the new freedom of a first car and venturing out in the city with friends (and without parents).

Most of the stuff, however, was old assignments and papers from K-12. So, most of it ended up in the garbage. But, going through all of that brought back a lot of memories. And, I learned some things about myself in my youth that I had forgotten. 1.)I did not like school. Since I like school so much now, I assumed I always did. But, there were so many comments I had written in various places that my feelings were pretty clear. 2.)I was not a good artist. When I was very small, I remember wanting to be an artist. I don't think that would have worked out. I was pretty proud of my drawing of a Koala bear wearing a Notre Dame hat, though. 3.)I had a disturbing obsession with death, destruction, and violence. I wasn't obsessed with committing the violence. But, in every old story I had written, people were being killed or there was some kind of war or mayhem taking place. That does remind me that there was a long span of time in my youth that I was convinced I was going to be kidnapped. And, while I was quite frightened of the prospect, I remember trying to prepare myself to deal with it. That seems weird to me. 4.) I really, really loved the theme song from the t.v. show, "The Greatest American Hero". My Dad had an old tape recording of me from about age 3. I must have sang that song about 25 times on the tape. All the while, my Mom and Dad were trying their best to get me to say something else. Kids can be super annoying.

Since I'm hoping to do a fair amount of writing this year, I was particularly interested when I found stories or poems I had written. Unfortunately, I was not a prodigy. One story, however, stood head and shoulders above the rest. It has the supremely intriguing title "Attack of the Sominums". It's a sci-fi masterpiece. Actually, I found it to be totally hilarious, though I don't know if anyone else will. If you're interested in reading it, I've transcribed it to a separate page with the link above. That way, this post won't be absurdly long.

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