boon-dog-gle: (noun) work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
free: (adjective) provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment.


paperwork, forms, etc.,...

My life right now is full to overflowing with the filling out of paperwork, forms, and questionnaires.

  • Foster care: I've spent many hours describing my childhood, getting doctors and employers to fill out forms, explaining why I want to become a foster parent, securing references from friends and family, and hurrying to finish "homework" from class so that the state can make sure my wife and I are just regular people who want to have kids and not wackos. Hopefully, the worst they will realize is that both are true.
  • Buying a house: Last Sunday, a friend from seminary who I hadn't seen in several months came to our church. As we were catching up, he mentioned that since he hadn't taken a call to the pastorate yet, he decided to take a promotion at the bank he worked at to become a loan officer. That stroke of providence led to our meeting with him this morning to get our pre-approval for a loan so that we can buy our first house. It's even more complicated, though, because we are buying a house in an area of the city that the county is trying to renew. So, there are lots of incentives (including the county picking up about a third of the loan) but also lots more paperwork and redtape to cut through that the usual home purchase.
  • e-mail: Since we now have a new ISP, we have to get a new primary e-mail address (different than the one connected to this blog). Of course, that means the hassle of letting all of our friends know that we have a new address and urging them to change their address books--if only it were that easy! In this age of the convenience of technology, almost every company or organization we have any involvement with has our e-mail as their primary means of contacting us. So, I've spent multiple hours today contacting everyone from credit cards to IMDb to ebay and changing my e-mail contact info. While I was at it, I changed all my passwords since it had been a (long) while since I'd done so.
  • Work: I've applied to be promoted to a supervisor position at work, which meant filling out a new resume and writing a letter of intent. It also meant taking a 100-question test with questions concerned with management style, personality, and math ability. I've also taken a second part-time job, which is much more tailored to my gifts. A new job, means W-2's and all the idiosyncratic paperwork that companies require their new employees to fill out. I'm working at Covenant Seminary in their Writing Center helping students become better writing. We are not a proofreading service, but instead we aim to guide and tutor students in better writing skills for the long-term. It's a bit of a slow point in the semester, so, in two weeks (working 9 hours per week) I've only conferenced with 4 students. But, as midterms and eventually finals approach, I've been assured that I'll get much busier.

I guess that's all I can think of for now. If that doesn't sound like a lot--tough cookies. It feels like a lot. But, it's for mostly exciting and hoped-for things.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on buying your first house. You may have to recommend your loan officer to me one day soon.

- Steve

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