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stuff I like...

From time to time I like to share a sampling of some of the things that I enjoy or appreciate in my life. Sometimes these are things that I've recently come to like. Sometimes they're things I've liked for a long time but which I've recently noticed myself liking. Maybe you will like them too:
  1. The Jeffersons - If this show's reruns are played in your viewing area, I suggest you try to watch it a few times, even if you have to record it. If you live in St. Louis, it's on UPN channel 46 at 3:00 p.m. M-F. I don't get to watch it often, but this is a great show. If you don't know, it's about an upper-middle class African-American couple and their friends in a New York City apartment high-rise. It is at the same time a truly funny show, and a progressive and thoughtful one. Actually, it's much better than the Cosby Show which is often given the status as the best show to feature a black family. While the acting isn't always the best on the Jeffersons, the story-writing is always good and the dialogue is witty. The show often tackles topics of real substance with thoughtfulness but also always with humor--especially the issues of race and economic class struggles, which are often either an explicit or implicit themes in its episodes. People are shown (even the main characters) with their prejudices, and they aren't always "fixed" after 30 minutes, but important questions are raised, and laughter is induced--so that's good.
  2. The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers - Many thanks to Jeremy for recommending this band. I burned my own copy of their first album which they are offering for free at their site, and it's all I'm listening to right now.
  3. Diet Mountain Dew - I've been in adamant opposition to diet pop (yes "pop" not soda and certainly not coke) for most of my life. But, as I grow older and it becomes more difficult to keep the pounds off, I've had to relent. Now, I can stand to drink most kinds of diet, and I can say I positively like DMD. All things being equal (which they are not), if given the choice, I would still choose regular Mountain Dew over the diet variation. But, I would choose DMD over many other kinds of regular pop.
  4. Overheard in New York - This blog is a recent addition to the links on my sidebar. It is good for a laugh every day. Sure, there is always the chance of coming across some rough language and/or some explicit sexual or racist content, but that's the world we live in.
That's the stuff that comes to mind for now. It's not a big list, and I'm 100% certain I've left some things out. But, maybe they'll make it next time.

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