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so far so good...

We are on our way to buying our first house. It is a 97 year old house in South St. Louis and we love it. It has been updated on the inside, but it still retains its "old" character--especially in the wood floors, trim, and doors, which are all original and unpainted. One of the best things is the huge, fenced-in back yard. Having any kind of yard is a premium in the city, but the house is on a double lot so the yard is really spacious. It will be a great place for dogs and kids (and adults) to play. We also love the neighborhood. Like the other neighborhoods in South St. Louis, "Dutchtown" is old, has a lot of history, and is very diverse. The demographics indicate that it has almost exactly a 50% white population. This is great because once our family grows with foster, adopted, and biological children, that will probably be the demographics of our house. I'm looking forward to meeting the folks in the neighborhood who are probably different from me and have different perspectives on the world. Yet, we are all people, made in God's image, and I also look forward to learning how to love them and join in the work God is already doing through them and among them.

The building inspection was Monday morning and it went really well. Assuming things continue to go well, we close on March 14. We're really excited to settle into "our house".

The entryway viewed from the living room.

The dining room with doors leading--from left to right, respectively--to a closet, the master bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom. We like bold colors...but the orange in the dinging room and blue in the master bedroom have to go!

The kitchen is a nice space.

The back porch gets a lot of sun.

A two car garage and some of the back yard.

...I messed up the pictures of the living room because of the sun coming through the windows, so you wouldn't see anything if I posted the picture. It's pretty big too--about the same size as the dining room. Perfect for having people over to watch and discuss interesting movies.

That's about it. I'll keep y'all updated as the process progresses.

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W Sofield said...

Looks awesome, nickg. So happy for you and suzanne. Thanks for keeping us updated.

G.K. Chesterton...

"The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people."