boon-dog-gle: (noun) work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
free: (adjective) provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment.



1.) Am I still alive?
--More or less. I'm working 55 to 60+ hours per week and helping to raise a 14-month old.

2.) Do I still blog?
--Yes, theoretically.

3.) Have I finished Harry Potter?
--See #1 above.

4.) Will I finish Harry Potter in the near future?
--Yes. On Thursday we are leaving for an extended-weekend vacation. Near the top of the list of priorities on vacation is to finish Harry Potter.

5.) Where are we going?
--We're going to Louisville, KY.

6.) Why are we going there?
--We got a (fairly cheap) hotel room there. Seriously, there's really no other reason.

7.) What are we going to do there?
--See #4 above. Also, sleep, swim and sit by the pool, go to the Louisville Slugger Museum, go to a huge book sale, visit bourbon country and do some taste tests, and maybe take in a free concert. Okay, besides Harry Potter and swimming, we may not do much of that other stuff (except go to bourbon country, we'll definitely do that).

8.) Why am I posting in this annoying question and answer format?
--Who knows. It's late; my brain is fried, and I'm avoiding work.

9.) Will these questions end soon?

10.) Am I infralapsarian or supralapsarian?
--Just kidding. Bye.

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Steve said...

Am I infralapsarian or supralapsarian?

I still haven't figured out what the point of that debate is and why I should care.

G.K. Chesterton...

"The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people."