boon-dog-gle: (noun) work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.
free: (adjective) provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment.


Sunday updates...

What have I been up to lately?
  • It's been the busy season at work, Covenant Seminary Bookstore, with the start of a new semester tacked onto the end of the January Interterm. For about 3 weeks I was working 12-hour days. That's pretty much over, though. I'm almost caught up now.
  • I've been pretty much failing miserably at my New Year's Resolutions. Although, this week, I did exercise 3 times, and in addition, we went to the zoo on Saturday so I walked around for about an hour and a half. Then today, I spent a couple hours doing yard work. So maybe things are looking up.
  • Speaking of yard work, I did a couple hours of it today. Living in the city, we have community dumpsters in the alley, which alternate between "No Yard Waste" and "Yard Waste Only." Well, I filled up the entire "Yard Waste Only" dumpster behind our house, and then took two more trash barrels full of waste up to the dumpster up the alley. Unfortunately, with all of that, I only cleared up about 1/4 of the back yard. The problem is, we have one of the worst inventions ever in our backyard, a giant gumball tree. This is something I never encountered until moving to St. Louis, but it is basically a giant tree that not only drops a ton of leaves on the ground every year, but also these spiky spherical balls that are called "gumballs" because they stick to each other and to dog fur. Very annoying.
  • Finally, what's been taking up most of my time lately is that our foster-daughter Leah is back with us. We received a call on Jan. 2 that she needed a placement, so we've had here since then. It's been a lot of fun having her back with us. She's becoming such a cute, fun, smart little girl. We don't know yet how long she'll be with us. We're just moving forward at the pace of the system for now, trying to enjoy our time with her without fearing what the future might hold. We'll see. But I'm sure I'll be posting stories about all the clever, funny little things she does and says.
I think there were some other things I was going to write about. But I can't remember them. And it's late now, so I'm off to bed.

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