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Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a set of resolutions for the then-new year. Let's look both backward and forward.

First was: Develop a regular weekly exercise schedule.
Grade for 2009: F-

Not only did I not use the treadmill that we owned, but eventually we gave it away. When they built a new, super nice, YMCA, just a mile or so from our house, we joined. But after the initial visit to join, in early December, I haven't been back.

For 2010, I'm keeping this same resolution, but hopefully I have a better plan. Starting tomorrow morning, I'm heading to the Y for a workout. I've got my clothes ready, my toiletry bag packed, and my mp3 player loaded with The Brothers Karamazov. Also, I decided to give Nutrisystem a try. I've known for a while that changing my diet is a necessity, but I'm too lazy to try to figure it out myself. With Nutrisystem, I've ordered a month's worth of meals, and along with some fresh fruits and vegetables as sides, that's all I get.

My next resolution was: Blog regularly.
Grade for 2009: F+

You might think that 15 blog posts in 2009, mostly grouped toward the beginning of the year, would warrant a solid F. But the plus was earned because I almost doubled the number of posts from 2008. Way to go me!

I'm not even going to carry this resolution over to this year. It will be what it will be.

Next: Read more.
Grade for 2009: C

I only read 11 books in 2009 (plus I skimmed 1), which was well short of my goal of 20. But, I finished the year reading two books that I've almost finished. And, for pretty much the entire year, I was pretty much always reading something. So, I'm moderately satisfied with my reading last year.

I'm renewing this resolution at the same level for 2010: 20 books.

Next: Watch less t.v.
Grade for 2009: F-

The minus is because I probably watched more t.v. in 2009 (as a percentage of my free time). Does it make it any better that I'm usually watching with my wife?

This is just a hard one to kick. I need to pick out what I want to watch in advance each week, and then watch nothing else. For some reason, this is easier said than done.

Finally: Commit to daily time in the spiritual disciplines of prayer and biblical meditation.
Grade for 2009: C-

I wouldn't say I was successful at this daily. But I think I made strides in this area that I would like to continue improving upon in the upcoming year.

So, that's that. I guess I have 4 resolutions for 2010--all of which I also had in 2009. Here's to hoping I earn fewer F's this year! If you're a resolution-maker, let me know if there are any that are particularly important to you.

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